The Indiana Professional Counselors Foundation (IPC-F)

Prepared by Dr. Rex Stockton – June 9, 2006 (updated by Dr. John Bloom)

The Indiana Association for Counseling and Development Foundation (later renamed the Indiana Counselors Association Foundation and currently the Indiana Professional Counselors Foundation) was formed in 1985 during Don Zimmerman’s presidency, by IACD leaders interested in establishing a vehicle that would provide financial support to further the cause of counseling in Indiana.

Dr. George Leddick, then professor at IPFW as well as past president of the association wrote in 1992, “Strategic planning sessions revealed that members wished IACD could advertise to the public the various roles of professional counselors and the needs of clients.  But IACD’s budget is accounted for every year, and each year new officers (rightfully) bring enthusiasm to a new agenda.  The (IACD) Foundation was formed as a long-range “savings account” so we might one day mount continuing advertising campaigns to raise public awareness.”

The foundation was state chartered in 1988 and received federal status in 1989. Thus, in addition to its worthy purpose, the foundation provides a tax saving opportunity to those who contribute. The foundation’s books are audited regularly by a Certified Public Accountant.  Anyone desiring a copy of the foundation’s financial statement can secure it by contacting the chair of the foundation’s board of directors.

As a chartered non-profit organization, the foundation is legally separate from the Indiana Counseling Association and the Indiana School Counselors Association. However, its directors are usually counseling leaders who have been active in association governance. Thus, although legally a separate entity from the associations, the foundation is set up to serve the interest of all counselors by supporting the profession. Thus the associations and the foundation are inextricably intertwined.

Foundations are prohibited from engaging in or supporting political activity. However, once that provision is met, the foundation is free to support any activity that is non-political in nature.

In its earliest purpose, the foundation’s mission was to broaden interest and knowledge of counseling to the general public. It was hoped that by doing this, the foundation would encourage access to professional counseling services in Indiana. At its beginning, the foundation originated projects designed to provide information related to counseling through the development of media (public interest radio and/or television ads) and subsidizing the conference fees for worthy students preparing to be counselors at counseling graduate programs in the state.

Over the years, the foundation has responded to numerous requests from the Indiana Counseling Association and the Indiana School Counselors Association.  These have included support for speakers at the annual conference, subsidies for scholarships and financial backing for leadership development activities.                                                   

Board Members

  • John Bloom, Brownsburg, IN
  • Kathie Renie, Rochester, IN
  • James Smith, Evansville, IN
  • Teesue Fields, Floyds Knob, IN
  • Kathleen Boggess, Bloomington, IN
  • Anthony McCrovitz, Chesterton, IN

Former Board Members

  • Rex Stockton, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University.
  • Dolores (De) Klocke, former Director of Guidance, Key Stone Schools, Fort Wayne;
  • Rosemary Smead (Member), Professor Emeritus, Indiana University, Jeffersonville
  • Thomas Gordon, Ft. Wayne, IN

Eldon Ruff

Joe Hollis

In the past, scholarships have been awarded in memory of or in honor of association leaders such as Dr. Eldon Ruff of IU South Bend, Dr. Joe Hollis of Ball State University, and Ike Womack, Counselor, Pike Township Schools in Indianapolis.

The Foundation Board is happy to consider proposals for projects that support the goals of counseling. It is requested that these proposals come through the Association Board (including Division Boards) in order that a proper vetting process has taken place.  

The Foundation is led by a six person board of directors. 

The foundation’s work is made possible through the generous financial support of Indiana professional counseling membership associations, their leaders, their members and their friends.  Counselors are invited to contribute to the work of the foundation by mailing a tax deductible contribution to the foundation at…

IPC Foundation
1453 Berry Lake Way

Brownsburg, IN 46112-7571

ISCA Vision

The Indiana School Counselor Association (ISCA) empowers school counselors and school counseling graduate students to provide comprehensive school counseling programs through advocacy, collaboration, professional leadership, and student-centered data-supported practices. 

ISCA Mission

The mission of the Indiana School Counselor Association is to support school counselors as they advance the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students.

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