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A monthly news brief for Indiana school counselors from Amanda Culhan, IDOE School Counselor Consultant and Matt Fleck, IDOE Academic & Career Specialist. By joining the elementary school counselor, middle school counselor or high school counselor community on the Learning Connection, you will receive information on legislative updates, new rules and laws, questions and answers about counseling issues, upcoming workshops, helpful resources and much more.

To receive this update via the Learning Connection, register for an account and join one of the counselor communities. If you would prefer to visit the SSIntouch Archive each month, you can do so at:

YAHOO Elementary Counselor Listserv

This listserv is a resource and discussion platform for professional school counselors. It is designed for those counselors working with students and families at the elementary school level. More than a discussion group, this list provides not only the e-mail exchange but also an online community. The community, housed on yahoo groups, allows archived messaging, resource files of lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, forms and documents, links and chat capacity.

If you register and fill out the information, and create an ID and password, it will grant you access to the files.

To access the files:

    • Go to
    • Put in your ID and your password. That will allow you access to the group files.
    • Click on files.
    • Scroll down the folders and see what’s up.

Barbara Muller-Ackerman, LPC, NCSC
Elementary school counselor, Springfield, NJ
fax 973-539-5397

YAHOO Middle-High School Counselor Listserv

Counselor Talk (for Indiana school counselors)

This listserv is designed specifically to help Indiana school counselors communicate.

Counselor Talk is provided by the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology at Indiana University. When subscribing, please send information regarding your work or student status as the list serve is restricted to graduate students, counselors, and other educators. Your email should be addressed to Dr. Rex Stockton,

International Counselor Network (ICN)

ICN is a large network of school counselors and mental health counselors. Many topics and lots of good information. To subscribe send an e-mail to or listserv@utkvm1.bitnet with the following request:

SUBSCRIBE ICN [your name] <your e-mail address>
For example:

Be sure to substitute your name where I have mine and your e-mail address in between the “<” and “>” signs. If you have trouble subscribing, contact Ellen Rust at:


The Ohio State University has teamed up with the American Counseling Association to produce a new listserv for graduate students in counselor education programs. The new listserv is called COUNSGRADS and is designed to help students in counselor programs communicate with other students nationwide about classes, papers, internships, and other ideas. To sign up for the listserv, send an e-mail to that says the following:

subscribe COUNSGRADS [your first name] [your last name]
For example: subscribe COUNSGRADS janet smith

If you have questions about the listserv, e-mail Darcy Haag Granello at

ISCA Vision

The Indiana School Counselor Association (ISCA) empowers school counselors and school counseling graduate students to provide comprehensive school counseling programs through advocacy, collaboration, professional leadership, and student-centered data-supported practices. 

ISCA Mission

The mission of the Indiana School Counselor Association is to support school counselors as they advance the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students.

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