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I Advocate: Therefore, I Am. One of ISCA’s primary goals is to promote our legislative platform and procedures to enhance professional school counseling and introduce ISCA to state legislators.

You can find all current legislative information from the IDOE pertaining to Indiana School Counselors by clicking here.

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School Counseling Colleagues,

ISCA was well-represented again at the most recent meeting of the Indiana Graduation Pathways Panel. As of now, while they have heard several of our concerns, they have not incorporated all the changes we might like to see. THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN…

I am asking that you all spend some time with this new draft and let them know what you think.  This is the newest version of this document, so it is still a work on process.  They will finalize recommendations on November 7.  We would appreciate any suggestions, edits, tweaks, or recommendations you have for them to make this pathway approach stronger. Please note: there is still no clarification on how diploma types/requirements may change and although they are obviously linked in our world, the folks downtown see them as two separate issues. I am personally interpreting “Meet all state minimum credit and curricular requirements” as Core40 in my own comments. You may interpret as you wish, but may want to provide some clarification for your comments.

Please send your written comments to the gradpathways_comment@sboe.in.gov email portal, which they will share with all panel members.  It is crucial that they hear from as many stakeholders as possible throughout this process–our association alone cannot carry the message!   (Please don’t send comments to me–compiled comments will not have the same impact as individual messages!)

They will be finalizing the recommendations on November 7 (I don’t believe this meeting will be open to the public), and the final State Board of Education vote on December 6.  The email portal will remain open until the State Board votes on the recommendations.

The logistics for next week’s meeting are similar to all previous meetings:

  • Meeting #9 of the Grad Pathways Panel is TuesdayNovember 7, from 9am to 12pm.
  • The meeting location is in the State LibraryHistory Reference Room 211.
The agenda for the meeting is as follow:
  • Opening remarks from Dr. Ernest
  • Public comment (30 minutes)
  • Panel discussion and finalizing the Pathway Recommendation
  • Panel discussion and finalizing the Diploma Recommendation

Please take some time to weigh in on the proposed changes!!!  I look forward to seeing many of you later this week at the ISCA Fall Conference!

Julie (Baumgart) Hill

School Counselor (Grades 9-12 A-I)/Department Chair, Western Boone Jr/Sr High

1205 N. St. Rd. 75

Thorntown, IN  46071

(765)482-6143 x.3160

(765)483-3870 (fax)


American School Counselor Association Board of Directors 2012-2018, Chair of the Board 2015-2018

Indiana School Counselor Association Government Relations & Legislative Chair

New Advocacy Initiative – November 2017

The Advocacy Team is excited to roll out our new Advocacy point system to recognize school counselors who are doing their part to advocate for our profession! Our elected officials tell us time and time again that they would love to hear from their school counselors in their area. Many school counselors have seen great results after presenting to their school board about their program. And if we get more effective at voicing our concerns to our policymakers than to each other, imagine the effect!

We invite school counselors to utilize the Advocacy Award point system to track your efforts. We want to get ALL school counselors involved! You are invited to track your own progress on this spreadsheet. Next September, we will collect your spreadsheets and watch our collective progress! We’ll also have some great Advocacy ribbons to bling up your name badge at next year’s conference. And we’re looking at some additional recognitions for those who stand out in the advocacy realm. We’re challenging everyone to join us in stepping up your advocacy efforts.

New Advocacy Initiative – November 2017
Presented by Kathy Renie, ISCA Advocacy Chair

Please join your ISCA Governing Board in advocating for all of us. Major issues include honoring the recommended counselor/student ratios as stated in Indiana Student Services Rule and the placement of a licensed Professional School Counselor in every school building in our Hoosier state. Are these lofty goals ? Indeed the are. However they are also goals worthy of our attention and our efforts.

Advocacy Tips for Professional School Counselors
  1. Display Your Credentials
  2. Gather and Share Data- Document Your Activities, Share These Activities with Your Supervisors

  3. Use Your Local Media as a Public Relations Tool

  4. Enlist the Support of Your Union

  5. Create, Distribute and Display a Brochure Describing Your Program

  6. Join ISCA and ASCA, Your Professional Organizations

  7. Participate in Relevant Professional Development – Stay Sharp and Informed

  8. Take an Active Role – Vote, Contact Local, State and National Government Officials Regarding Your Professional Concerns

  9. Maintain Contact with Education Policy Makers –

    • IndianaEducation Roundtable
    • Indiana Department of Education
    • State Board of Education

    • Local School Board
  10. Recruit and Utilize a Local School Counseling Advisory Committee

  11. Set Personal and Departmental Goals –

    • Review and Revise on a Regular Basis

    • Conduct a Needs Assessment – Survey Your Students, Staff and Parents

    • Apply for Relevant Grants

  12. Support Elementary School Counselors/ Purchase the Garfield/Education License Plate
  13. Express Your Appreciation to Those Who Support Your Work

  14. Take Good Care of Yourself – Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually

  15. Know you are NOT alone!

ISCA continues to actively solicit support and understanding of the Professional School Counselor’s Role. ISCA representatives have met with the Governor, State School Superintendent, and State Education Committee Chairs, made presentations at the Indiana Principals’ Conference, contacted Hoosier principals and superintendents and have on-going, frequent interaction with other education professionals. ISCA employs an Education Advocate to assist us in keeping informed about

Indiana legislative developments that effect school counselors.

Please join us in advocating for Professional School Counselors in


THANK YOU!! for all you do every day for our Hoosier kids!

ISCA Vision

The Indiana School Counselor Association (ISCA) empowers school counselors and school counseling graduate students to provide comprehensive school counseling programs through advocacy, collaboration, professional leadership, and student-centered data-supported practices. 

ISCA Mission

The mission of the Indiana School Counselor Association is to support school counselors as they advance the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students.

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