ISCA Ends Policies

The following has been adopted by the ISCA board 


Indiana School Counselor Ends Policies

1. School counselors share a consistent professional identity from graduate school through retirement. 

  • Embrace value of an evidence based, data-driven comprehensive model.
  • Stakeholders recognize/understand the unique proactive responsive roles and contributions of the school counselor (academics, career, social emotional).
  • School counselors are leaders in the school and community.

2. School counselors are highly trained professionals who actively engage in ongoing professional growth to support student success.

  • Active member of professional associations.
  • School counselors practice within legal and ethical standards.

3. School counselors advocate for our students and policies that impact our efficacy.

ISCA Vision

The Indiana School Counselor Association (ISCA) empowers school counselors and school counseling graduate students to provide comprehensive school counseling programs through advocacy, collaboration, professional leadership, and student-centered data-supported practices. 

ISCA Mission

The mission of the Indiana School Counselor Association is to support school counselors as they advance the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students.