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ISCA Strategic Plan

The following has been adopted by the ISCA board for the 2017-2018 academic year. Click here to download a copy.

  • Strategic Plan
  • Statement of Values & Beliefs
  • Advocacy Goal 1 - Promote legislation, policy, and procedures to enhance school counseling
  • Advocacy Goal 2 - Initiate and continue working relationships with other agencies, associations, and institutions
  • Advocacy Goal 3 - Develop an appreciation for the school counselor role and school counseling programs among stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Professional Development Goal 1 - Offer activities for professional development
  • Professional Development Goal 2 - Provide print and electronic publications and activities that address and promote professional development
  • Professional Development Goal 3 - Provide professional recognition for exemplary school counselors and exemplary school counseling programs
  • Leadership Goal 1 - Promote ISCA membership
  • Leadership Goal 2 - Develop leadership within the membership
  • Organizational Goal 1 - Maintain ISCA governance structure
  • Organizational Goal 2 - Maintain ISCA organizational publications
  • Organizational Goal 3 - Maintain secure financial base
  • Organizational Goal 4 - Conduct research appropriate to maintaining the association
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