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This evaluation tool has been developed by a team comprised of school counselors, administrators, counselor educators, and other youth service professionals.  It has been successfully piloted by 14 schools (16 counselors and 16 principals) in the state, including elementary, middle, junior/senior, and high schools from around the state.  It is modeled after the state teacher evaluation tool and specifically focuses on competencies for school counselors.

This evaluation tool is designed to be used not only for an annual performance review, but also to generate conversation, at the beginning of each school year between the school counselor and her/his building administrator, for goal-setting and about the needs and challenges of the school counseling program. Also, ideas can be generated as to what types of evidence can be collected to document the school counselors activities.

Please look at the FAQ document for additional answers about this evaluation tool.  Please feel free to contact me is you have any questions. 


Lin Metzger
Executive Director
Indiana School Counselor Association

pdf of above letter

Guidance for Assessing an Indiana School Counselor


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